About the Agent – Laura Crain

With over 13 years of customer service and sales experience I always knew I wanted a career that would assist others. In December of 2011 I accepted the position as an Insurance Representative and spent almost seven years working with a captive carrier. This means a carrier who can only offer their products and no others.

In 2018 I had my AHH Hah moment, I had a long-term client whose premiums had been increasing year after year and she was no longer able to afford them on her fixed income. She had brought in an insurance proposal from another carrier that was less than half of the premium I was able to offer with my carrier. I spent about a week researching the company and reviewing the coverage they had offered. It was a great deal for her, and the premium difference was significant to her finances. At this moment I began to see there had to be a better way for my clients and their insurance policies.

I soon left my position with a captive carrier and became an agent with an Independent Insurance Agency. This means I work for YOU, the client. I work with several carriers to offer the best coverage for the best premium. As insurance companies change, as and Independent Agent I can move my clients from one carrier to another, continuing to offer the best coverage and premium for years to come. I like to tell my clients, “I do the shopping and you keep the savings”.

Through the years of my insurance experience, I realized Insurance and assisting clients in some of their most distraught moments was a passion of mine. I saw that during this time, my clients needed someone they could trust and someone they come to for their insurance claims. My clients also needed someone who would offer them the coverage they needed on their insurance policies in the beginning so that they would have the coverage they needed when a claim happened. I have worked through hailstorms, hurricanes, floods, freezes and more to be there for my clients and I will do the same for you.

In addition to being you local Independent Insurance Agent, I have the blessing of being the wife of an amazing husband for over the last five years and the mom to two precious little girls! Family is the world to me and while I spend my days working to support the needs of the families in our community with all their insurance needs, I spend my evenings and weekends supporting my family and their needs. As with most families, there are hectic times, but I love every minute of it.

I hope to have you be a part of our agency and give us the opportunity to provide you with all your insurance needs with Integrity, Honesty and Compassion. Crain Insurance Group is looking to build relationships with each of our clients and we hope you come to see us not only as your insurance agent but a valuable partner as well.

***Check back to our website in the coming months as we will be adding a partner’s page. On this page you will be able to find details about the partners we work with and recommend. These partners range from family photographers to mortgage lenders.